All in Me

10 years in Berlin

It’s Wednesday 31st of August 2016 and yesterday marked exactly 10 years in Berlin, since I first moved to B-Town on 30th August 2006.

And I just did something I never did during all this time. Today I got in a plane without having a return ticket back to Berlin.

I have 2 dreams. And both are Catalan dreams.

Even if I was not born in Catalunya (that's the way to write it in Catalan), I happen to think Catalan. I know because I love "la feina ben feta", meaning "work done right", I am geizig / money-saving and I am also a good example of "seny i rauxa", which would be "reason and hothead(ness)". As well as I feel proud to be Catalan when I hear the expression "a contracor", used when doing something against your heart, but admitting you cannot help but doing it. Exactly, some stuff cannot be translated.

This week I was invited to write a piece for Venture Village, that's the link to the published version, under these lines the text I wrote. I am überhappy on the final result, but the first text was a bit longer and more "me", plus it is an excuse to publish it here as well :D

10 ways to smart up your travels

Being on the lookout of the next best thing, killer features and future trends is part of a daily Internet routine when building a startup. It might not be the most productive or healthy thing to do, but it is unavoidable: you see some news, you dig a service, end up signing up and thinking “Oh man, that is awesome!”.

I said it right from the start: this blog is all about self-promotion.

If there is something I am proud about myself is that I am really good at being a connector. It might sound arrogant that I am calling myself one, but that is the word that defines me the best. Community Manager is a tag that gave me quite some easiness and helped me to find my professional path and peace. But what I am is a Connector. Yes, I linked it twice. Because if you know me, you will read and recognise me in there. And if we had not the pleasure to meet yet, when we do you will know I wasn't lying.