How this went? I am a Nokia soul: connecting people is my thing. That lead to be doing, attending and organising much more things than I could bear and that means no time for blogging. Ehem.

Anyway, I've been living in Berlin for 10 years now. I used to work as Marketing Manager at Zoobe until I decided to take a break and travel the world. Before that I was the first hire at Roomsurfer to take care of Community Building, same thing I did in Twinity for almost 3 years. Also loving each minute of the Berlin startup world. I tweet and retweet too much. I can as well say that I know stuff about Social Media. I am collaborative: if you ask me what you need, I will point you the way or the person who can solve your life. See, that easy.

How to ask me? You choose your favourite channel:

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What I organise


The Berlin Startup Employees Meetup is a monthly meetup for all the creative professionals working and living in Berlin. What started as a Facebook group evolved to one of the best networking events in the German capital. Check our latest meetups.