Being a Connector


I said it right from the start: this blog is all about self-promotion.

If there is something I am proud about myself is that I am really good at being a connector. It might sound arrogant that I am calling myself one, but that is the word that defines me the best. Community Manager is a tag that gave me quite some easiness and helped me to find my professional path and peace. But what I am is a Connector. Yes, I linked it twice. Because if you know me, you will read and recognise me in there. And if we had not the pleasure to meet yet, when we do you will know I wasn't lying.

I truly enjoy networking and usually one conversation takes me to another one in the past or to something I checked in my long hours of procastination on the Internet. If past and present collide in my train of thought or even better, in the same event, then things just happen.

Last Thursday I attended the Gidsy Meetup, along with Linsey and Adam. I was talking to Adam right before Linsey showed up. I told them they should meet. The result of 2 brains connected through mine is here:

I could say it is the magic of the SAL-Diva. I am just gonna say I love it when it happens <3.

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