I have 2 dreams

I have 2 dreams. And both are Catalan dreams.

Even if I was not born in Catalunya (that's the way to write it in Catalan), I happen to think Catalan. I know because I love "la feina ben feta", meaning "work done right", I am geizig / money-saving and I am also a good example of "seny i rauxa", which would be "reason and hothead(ness)". As well as I feel proud to be Catalan when I hear the expression "a contracor", used when doing something against your heart, but admitting you cannot help but doing it. Exactly, some stuff cannot be translated.

I also know I am Catalan because the only reason I would have children is to help out so the language does not die. Same way I know I married Berlin because I would have a child only to have a Berliner in my family.

So my dreams are, one, to see one day the Sagrada Família completed, so I will know that not matter what, even if you died under a tram, genius lasts. And two, to see Catalunya as an European country. So we can all listen to Els Segadors (The reapers) knowing it is in the past.

"Catalunya triomfant tornarà a ser rica i plena. Endarrera aquesta gent, tan ufana i tan superba. Bon cop de falç..."

"Victorious Catalonia shall again be rich and bountiful. Drive away these people, who are so conceited and arrogant. Strike with your sickle..."

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