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This week I was invited to write a piece for Venture Village, that's the link to the published version, under these lines the text I wrote. I am überhappy on the final result, but the first text was a bit longer and more "me", plus it is an excuse to publish it here as well :D

10 ways to smart up your travels

Being on the lookout of the next best thing, killer features and future trends is part of a daily Internet routine when building a startup. It might not be the most productive or healthy thing to do, but it is unavoidable: you see some news, you dig a service, end up signing up and thinking “Oh man, that is awesome!”.

It is a typical sentence you come across when talking about being original, reinventing a market, creating something innovative: the everyday conversation when you are in a startup scene context. There is nothing new under the sun, nothing left to be created. Some days you believe it and some days you prefer not to. This might be old and you might have seen it already, but it still resonates in my mind since the first time I came across with it:

They say girls are really good at languages. Actually, or at least in Spanish-Catalan school, you are taught languages mostly by women. So you assimilate women are good at languages. And who is more a role model when you are a kid than your teachers? Again, they tell you girls are really good at languages. Grammar, communicating and stuff.