The books that made my 2016

For many of us 2016 will be a year to forget. But in my case, it will be both a year to forget and to remember, since it has been also the year when I quit my job and went to travel the world to see some of it while it still exists. Also, the year I fulfilled my dream of devoting my days to read and write.

Shanghai, mon amour

My first time landing in Shanghai, I definitely made a newbie mistake. I was flying with British Airways in a pretty Business Class experience, even if I had just purchased an STA Travel Around the World ticket. I got a bit too comfy and I felt like home - so instead of sleeping, I binge-watched all the good stuff the flight entertainment service provided.

It was 2007 and long flights were the de facto Netflix. 

'Tis the season

I'm cruising Australia at the moment but I'm still very well connected with the news in the world. I'm trying to unplug but I'm seeing way too much hatred around and instead of writing about my adventures in Shanghai, Singapore, New Zealand and Oz, I cannot stand silent and keep this inside of my chest:

10 years in Berlin

It’s Wednesday 31st of August 2016 and yesterday marked exactly 10 years in Berlin, since I first moved to B-Town on 30th August 2006.

And I just did something I never did during all this time. Today I got in a plane without having a return ticket back to Berlin.