'Tis the season

'Tis the season

I'm cruising Australia at the moment but I'm still very well connected with the news in the world. I'm trying to unplug but I'm seeing way too much hatred around and instead of writing about my adventures in Shanghai, Singapore, New Zealand and Oz, I cannot stand silent and keep this in my chest:

Seems like suddenly, 'tis the season to say whatever you think about women without fearing any consequence.

Yes, there is a before and after Donald Trump. I'm both happy and frightened about it.

Finally many men lost their masks and they are showing their true face. They are showing how they really feel about women. They hate Hillary Clinton, irrationally - and subconsciously maybe - simply because she is a woman. They will answer it is because she is corrupt, because her emails, because she is as right wing as Republicans and thousand reasons more.

But really, it all comes down to the fact that she is a woman standing up, easy target, she is a woman going and getting what she dreamt of all her life, too ambitious, how dare she. She is every woman at this age and time, being under fire for trying to fulfil a lifetime ambition.

And if all that I just wrote, good and bad, about Clinton would be attached to a male first name, there wouldn't be any suspicion, any pushback. Because men are forgiven, wait no, they are rewarded for having too much ambition, for being a neo con, corrupt and just a trailblazer.

I'm happy to see masks falling. Now at least I know who's friend and who's foe. Did you suspect that acquaintance had such a low concept of women? Did you already know that they think we just want them for their money so we don't have to work? That they think we are pussies on demand?

Well, now we know.

This is nothing new, and I'm just writing it to let you know I've read those comments too. I've seen those disgusting and insulting posts too and you are not alone in shock on how many men suddenly are showing their true colours when it comes to deny the right for women, POC and LGTB community to get a seat on the table.

Most men still think equality is about losing what they have and there's nothing that scares a human being more than losing what they have.

But most men are not considering that the status quo right now is hurting them everyday. Because they are put in roles with a level of pressure no person should suffer throughout life. Pressure to earn money like there's no tomorrow, pressure to muscle up, pressure to never cry, pressure to not to be a loser.

Men have it all and they are still feeling like losers.

Let me say again - most men. Because this season I also saw some men defending us. I suspect those men were caught by surprise as well, because they had only seen so far the softcore version of the Hate On Women. A comment here and there, a joke that crossed the line a tiny bit, a complaint or rant from a girlfriend, colleague, friend, sister or mother. But never a mass launched attack as we're all seeing this season.

The masks are off and nasty women and bad hombres can very clearly see the landscape. I think after this season we're going to be believed by the men in our lives much more than we used to. I hope the men in your lives are good hombres with new eyes and ready to defend you.

If they are not, life is too short for men who don't believe in your full value as a human being.

And that's what I suspect is happening. Since decades women stopped slowly but steady putting up with misogynists. My theory, and now you'll laugh because I'm notorious for putting everything in terms of sex, goes like: misogynists are not properly getting laid.

They are getting less and less attention and interests from women who know better, they don't know anymore how to hook up, get in a relationship, happily marry and feel like they are winners and not losers.

So if you hate Hillary Clinton, women in general, your lady boss, if you think women are all gold diggers, only want your kids to later use them against you, if lesbians are the worst because they don't appreciate your dick, there's some news for you:

  1. Women want partners that respect them. Money we can earn for ourselves, nothing feels better than finally make our choices because we can pay for them. What's hard this days is to find someone who support us and believes in us. If you start looking at women with other eyes, they will start seeing you with other eyes too.
  2. Women are not the enemy. If you look a bit longer into your troubles, you will see that most probably wild capitalism is. Your government, your banks, but not women. Us asking for equality is part of the solution, not the problem.
  3. We don't want you to lose so we can win. Part of being a woman is culturally making sure everyone is happy. So we definitely want a happy house - meaning we are happy too. We have solutions: when men take care of the kids too, they reap the joys of spending time with their kids. Shared responsibility is shared joy. When we want the same salary, it means shared burden and accountability too.
  4. Women are not there to get their pussies grabbed without consent and say nothing that makes you look bad. If a stranger would grab your balls without your consent you'd be outraged too. The good news is that women are every day more empowered to enjoy sex without feeling guilty or scared they will be labeled as sluts. We are ready to say yes if we want it and that definitely will make our lives easier. Take a no as a no and keep walking until you find the one that says yes.


Nobody says yes? Then start reading this post all over again. I don't want to patronize you, even if you wouldn't have a problem patronizing me. I'm just telling you a fact: people who don't get enough sex are angry people. People who don't get enough human connection and love in their lives are depressed.

Try to be angry after an orgasm. Try to be angry after laughs with good friends. Try to be angry when someone is hugging you.

There's no attraction where there's hate, there's no room for true love where there's hate. Detox of your hate by loving yourself, accepting who you are with the good and the bad. Own your lows, embrace your mistakes, forgive yourself for your insecurities.

I know all these skills are not taught to men, they are not even accepted to have. As men you are not supposed to make mistakes or have insecurities. But the same women are human beings, men are too - and human beings are perfect imperfect.

And if you want to ignore all this, oh probably you didn't even read the second sentence, and you want to start trolling me: bring it on. I've worked all my life on the Internet, Customer Support no less, and there's little you can do or say to me that an angry 7 year old hasn't done or said to me already. If you find dirty pics of me on the Internet don't worry, I'm totally oke with everyone seeing them (except if showing my belly, thanks to society these days that's my worst nightmare). You want to ruin my reputation? I will take a hit because it is probably my most valued asset online but hey, I'm ready to risk it to defend women, blacks, latinos, asians, gays, transexuals and everyone you chose to hate.

Because I'm fully aware of my worth, because I'm a proud nasty woman, I'm not ashamed of being a sexual being as much as men are, Monica will be Monica and I don't really care what you think about me.

'Tis the season to speak up and say out loud we will not take this anymore.

Thank you to everyone reading until here. I promised happy pictures of travels far away and all you got is this rant. But I wouldn't forgive myself if in a few days a monster is elected and all his followers are even more enabled to say and do whatever they please to women and I didn't write this beforehand.

I'll be cleaning the comments as fast as 12h time difference allows!

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