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On the 16th of April every year, Foursquare Day is celebrated worldwide. The initiative to dedicate a full day to spread the love to Foursquare among other people and mainly businesss owners came from the community. Which is kinda amazing. Check #4sqday on Twitter to see how much is going around the world :) Why I am so passionate about Foursquare

Foursquare is a great service. It is in some ways still crossing the chasm, in that difficult area between being a geeky platform for the "savvy crowd" and becoming totally mainstream. Thanks to their early API access and as well as Twitter's, its arms expanded beyond their platform. So, everytime you geotag a Instagram pictures, yes, it is thanks to the powerful Foursquare data. But after 4 years, still many mobile users link Foursquare to "creepy" check-ins and "nonsense competitions" to accumulate mayorships and badges.

We shouldn't care, they say. If you do, you are pathetic. Well, turns out someone just changed opinion and will influence you to change yours :D

It is buggy many times, I know. Whenever I try to send +Ks or browse my Twitter friends or even search for other profiles to see if  I can brag in next event, nothing works. True that. And of course on a first look Klout appeals to the most human and competitive side of ourselves. Categorizing in a ranking vs democratizing influence. Your choice.

They say girls are really good at languages. Actually, or at least in Spanish-Catalan school, you are taught languages mostly by women. So you assimilate women are good at languages. And who is more a role model when you are a kid than your teachers? Again, they tell you girls are really good at languages. Grammar, communicating and stuff.