Klout up!

We shouldn't care, they say. If you do, you are pathetic. Well, turns out someone just changed opinion and will influence you to change yours :D

It is buggy many times, I know. Whenever I try to send +Ks or browse my Twitter friends or even search for other profiles to see if  I can brag in next event, nothing works. True that. And of course on a first look Klout appeals to the most human and competitive side of ourselves. Categorizing in a ranking vs democratizing influence. Your choice.

I am on a love / hate relationship with @Klout: I was really sad last month when I went down to 51 and super happy now I got into the 60 range. And I was angry with them on the downs and wanna marry them on the ups. It proves I am human and it proves I care about my image on something I spend my day on, both for work and for pleasure.

But also I am happy to send some +K to people I consider they should go up in the rank, even if I still doubt the +Ks count. And I get angry when I discover so-self-called CM and SM gurus who have no account, even if maybe they tried and quit because they are not so attention needy as I am *blushes*.

Hate it or love it the underKlouts on top. And I'm gonna shine, homie, until my heart stops.

PS. SO looking forward to be able to see Moments in action!

Update: I already can!

So much for originality

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