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A blog post coming a week late but better late than never!

CommunityCamp Berlin 2012 was already the 5th edition of the Barcamp for Community and Social Media Managers, but surprisingly I had never heard about it before this summer. I got the hint thanks to @m106 and I signed up for it without knowing what to expect. Anyway, it was for free and in Berlin we love umsonst.

The only thing I knew for sure was that everything was going to be German oriented. Practically all attendees in the Mixxt group were German and coming from all around the country for a weekend of networking. So I promised myself to leave my German shy self at home and give some steps towards my full integration in this country. 5 years overdue, I know.

I said it right from the start: this blog is all about self-promotion.

If there is something I am proud about myself is that I am really good at being a connector. It might sound arrogant that I am calling myself one, but that is the word that defines me the best. Community Manager is a tag that gave me quite some easiness and helped me to find my professional path and peace. But what I am is a Connector. Yes, I linked it twice. Because if you know me, you will read and recognise me in there. And if we had not the pleasure to meet yet, when we do you will know I wasn't lying.