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A blog post coming a week late but better late than never!

CommunityCamp Berlin 2012 was already the 5th edition of the Barcamp for Community and Social Media Managers, but surprisingly I had never heard about it before this summer. I got the hint thanks to @m106 and I signed up for it without knowing what to expect. Anyway, it was for free and in Berlin we love umsonst.

The only thing I knew for sure was that everything was going to be German oriented. Practically all attendees in the Mixxt group were German and coming from all around the country for a weekend of networking. So I promised myself to leave my German shy self at home and give some steps towards my full integration in this country. 5 years overdue, I know.

They say girls are really good at languages. Actually, or at least in Spanish-Catalan school, you are taught languages mostly by women. So you assimilate women are good at languages. And who is more a role model when you are a kid than your teachers? Again, they tell you girls are really good at languages. Grammar, communicating and stuff.